After working with the rehab specialist at Back To Health, I had felt much better. The stretches she had showed me are easy and can be done at home. I’m glad I had the chance to work with her.


After over 20 years of having vertigo so bad, I was convinced to visit Back to Health. I was so dizzy at my first visit, I vomited. It’s a year later and I can’t begin to put in the words how Back to Health has changed my life!!!!! I am no longer taking mediation for vertigo!! My headaches are gone! I get sick less often! Thank you so much to the staff at Back to Health and Dr. Tonya!!


Dr Tonya is terrific! My sons and I used to take allergy medication for seasonal allergies every spring and fall for years. Since routinely getting adjusted, we no longer need the allergy medications. The adjustments also help prevent colds from starting and if we don’t catch it in time, Dr Tonya has the secret to kill a cold naturally.


I had a sore neck. My medical doctor prescribed pain pills but after having been adjusted, I no longer need the meds! I can enjoy life without pain again!


We adopted my son Darrin 3 years ago. He came to us with 3 different medications. The meds were for sleeping, A.D.D. and seizures. Over the years, we have reduced him to just one A.D.D. medication. At the beginning of the school year, he was on 72 mg. He is now off his medication and has been taking Omega 3’s – 6 pills a day and this is all he takes. NO MORE MEDICATION and he is doing well in school with all A’s and B’s.


I have 2 daughter’s ages 15 and 16. Our oldest suffers with migraine headaches and depression. Our youngest has scoliosis, asthma and allergies. We decided to seek out natural treatments at Back To Health at the beginning of 2007 and both girls are still under care and we are thrilled with the results Chiropractic care has given them along with natural supplements. I am pleased to report that within the last year our oldest is off her migraine meds, off antidepressants, working part-time and going to school and her ability to concentrate and study has greatly improved. Our youngest is off all her prescribed meds for asthma control, sinus allergies and is only taking a multivitamin, Omega 3’s and Vitamin C, plus her scoliosis curve is almost 100% corrected. Thanks Dr. Tonya – we are a happier and healthier family because of you!


I started my Chiropractic care in March 2008 because of the pain I had in my back, neck and leg. It’s been about one month and I am PAIN FREE plus I no longer have heartburn. I’m very happy with these changes. Thanks!


I was first introduced to Chiropractic and Back To Health at a Women’s Expo. I had a Myo-Vision scan done and a chair massage. My back was in very bad shape and I was experiencing a lot of pain. Since February I have been having my adjustments on a regular basis and I rarely feel pain and am physically doing much better!


I was referred to Back To Health Chiropractic from a friend of mine who has been going here and she loves it so I decided to give it a try. My lower back was bothering me. I had “thrown it out” a couple of times and it had been bothering me ever since. I have been under care since March 2008 and now my lower back isn’t bothering me nearly as much. Also, my neck has felt LOADS better. I don’t have the headaches I used to and overall I just feel more relaxed and healthier!


The Foot Levelers orthotic flip flops I received from Back To Health Chiropractic have been wonderful. I went to a podiatrist previously and was fitted with traditional orthotics. It took 3 visits to get the right fit and after all that they still didn’t fit perfectly. I would recommend the Foot Levelers as an alternative to traditional orthotics. I believe the foot scan they do gives a more accurate result. Thank you!


My rib has bothered me for a very long time. I went to a couple other Chiropractors and physical therapy but nothing was helping. I started seeing Dr. Tonya a little over a year ago. My rib is feeling so much better! I didn’t realize that Chiropractic care could also help a person have regular bowel movements. I’ve gone from once every 3 weeks to daily! Adjustments have also helped my heartburn. I thought I was having a heart attack and Dr. Tonya straightened that out as well. Plus my migraines are also better. I’m a much happier person now. Thank you Dr. Tonya and staff!


My daughter has been struggling with asthma since she was an infant. When she was younger, she needed several oral steroids and, until now, remained on a daily dose of inhaled steroids. This has resulted in stunted growth and childhood osteoporosis. She was also suffering from frequent headaches and was sometimes taking Tylenol daily to treat it. I decided to give Dr. Tonya a try to see if we could hopefully treat her naturally and reduce the amount of medication that she needed. She has been under care since the fall 2007. We’re excited because we met with the Pulmonologist and she is doing so well that we are going to try taking her off both Singulair and Qvar. Thank you Dr. Tonya and staff for all your care and support!


I chose to come see Dr. Tonya at Back To Health because I do not want to take pain pills that just put a band-aid on the problem. I wanted to get “in line’ for good! Since being under care since March 2008, I have much more mobility and my BLOOD PRESSURE has gone down a lot! I always look forward to coming in! The entire staff is so friendly! Thank you!


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