Changing Lives Since 2006.


We are dedicated to improving both the quality and quantity of life in our community.


At Back To Health Chiropractic we understand how frustrating and overwhelming it is to deal with persistent aches, pains or illness that never go away or treated. Any type of physical issue that causes pain affects the quality of your life and impacts your budget.

Maybe you’ve wondered if there was someone out there that would listen, empathize, and be determined to understand your needs and desires to help you feel better, move better and enjoy life again. We know you have aspirations and dreams of living without pain, and you shouldn’t have to rely on medication to dull the pain.

All Back To Health Chiropractic professionals have experienced the life changing power of chiropractic care. Our licensed doctors and rehabilitation professionals believe in the holistic approach that heals the body from head to toe. It is our honor and mission to guide you on your health journey. For the past ten years, we’ve helped thousands of people achieve their health goals ranging from newborn babies to the grandparents that hold them. And while our care plans begin with spinal cord alignment, we treat all types of injuries and illnesses.

The founder of Back To Health Chiropractic D. Tonya Westerbeke, was a patient who’s life was changed by chiropractic. As a child, Dr. Tonya can’t remember a time which she didn’t have back pain or struggle with migraines. This went on for years, actually preventing her from participating in sports, sitting out from family events and missing school and then later work. It wasn’t until she was recommended to seek care with a chiropractor did she finally receive relief. Within three weeks of starting care, she was finally pain free after nearly 12 years of pain. It was then that she decided that she needed to share chiropractic with more people, to reduce unnecessary suffering and pain and help people move, life and enjoy their lives!

We are committed to helping you live the life you want. The process is simple:
1. Assessment – We’ll review your health needs and plan options.
2. We will create a unique plan of care for you
3. Partner with you towards an active life

Once you schedule your appointment, you’ll have taken the first step to enjoying life without restrictions.

We believe life shouldn’t be limited by curable pain. We help remove pain so that you can live a long, healthy life.

Schedule your appointment today so we can get started.

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